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Who We Are

At Triskelion Expeditions, we’re passionate about travel, adventure and discovery, and we want you to explore the world with us!

That’s why all our trips are designed to show you the best of each place we visit, as well as to take you to discover new worlds and experience new adventures.

Here you can find out a little more about our travel agency.


Adventure, connection and discovery

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Our Values
  • The Triskelion Expeditions travel agency’s mission is to create a community of travellers where everyone feels like family, and to meet the expectations of each traveller so that they have an unforgettable trip, while also providing personalised assistance to each traveller who needs it.

    All of this practicing sustainable tourism and Social Action.

  • We want travellers to feel not only that they are getting value for travelling, but that they are also delivering value to the natives of the countries they visit.

    We want to be the travel agency of reference in group travel.

  • At Triskelion Expeditions we believe that our values can make a better world.

    Ethics, respect and honesty

    Commitment to creating unique experiences for travelers

    Passion in the creation of each trip

    Support social causes

    Helping environmental causes

The agency

At the Triskelion Expeditions travel agency, we don’t just sell trips, we sell experiences that mark those who live them.

We are specialists in group travel, adventure travel, contact with nature, cultural and photographic experiences, trips to connect with one’s inner self and relaxation, we take our travellers to travel through the best of each country visited, having in most of the trips a mix of nature, animal life, culture and living with the locals.

The main focus of our travel agency is that you can travel in a fun group of travellers and that a community can be created between travellers so that we can also share experiences. On any of our trips, you’ll be safe and you’ll experience the best of each place you visit.

The trips

At Triskelion we offer you group travel. Our trips with tour leader, are run in small groups, with a tour leader, who will guide you through the whole trip, making sure the whole trip goes as planned, but letting the surprise happen

We have available for you private group trips with local guides who are our trusted partners in the countries visited, and who will make sure you have the best possible travel experience. Only Triskelion Expeditions travellers take part in these trips.

In addition to our group trips, you can join a group of travellers, and meet people of other nationalities, and create new friendships.

In addition to these three options, and if none of them are to your liking, you have the chance to request a personalised trip for you and your partner, to go with friends or family. We will offer you a totally personalized trip.


We are a SUSTAINABLE and social action travel agency. And that’s why we decided to implement these actions at Triskelion Expeditions, which means that when you buy trips with our travel agency, you’re supporting the causes we support.

In the area of Social Action, we work with various local partners so that we can more easily support local families who often depend on tourism, and whenever possible we also try to add local social causes to our trips.

In this sense, for every trip you make with our travel agency, you will be helping to improve the life of a family, not just in Portugal, but all over the world.

As we also want to leave a better planet for the young, for every traveller who embarks on our trips, we plant 1 tree, and a certificate is given to the traveller with the name of the tree planted, as well as its location and species.

With these small actions, we want to bring our grain of sand to create a better and more sustainable world.

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