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Senegal – Colonial Route and Ethnicities

Embark on an adventure to discover the depths of Senegal and its different ethnic groups.

On this trip, as well as seeing some of the main sites in Senegal, you’ll also have the chance to visit remote villages and get to know the different ethnic groups that live there.

You’ll also visit some local markets on this trip, such as the Djoudj Ornithological Park or the Lengua de la Barbarie Park.

Perhaps on this trip you’ll also have the chance to spot hippos on a special trek, and go on a mini safari to appreciate a multitude of trees and flora, as well as a representation of West Africa’s most important fauna.

You can’t finish this trip without visiting Saly Portudal, a place discovered by the Portuguese in the 19th century. XV and enjoy the arrival of the boats at the port of Mbour, a spectacle of noise and colour.

Are you ready for this adventure?