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Discovering Syria

To take this journey of discovery through Syria is to discover a country full of history that is reflected in its monuments, cities and villages, but also in its people.

Despite the suffering they have endured in recent years, the Syrians are a people who welcome us with open arms.

On this trip we’re going to visit the main places in Syria, where we can’t miss the cities of Damascus, its capital, and Aleppo.
In addition to these two cities, you will have the opportunity to visit the Roman theater of Bosra, Maaloula, one of the most picturesque villages in Syria, and many other magnificent places, where you will have contact with the people and visit their important monuments and ruins.

This trip also includes a visit to the archaeological site of Palmyra and the Krak fort of Cavalliers.

Embark on this adventure and discover a country full of history.

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