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  • Yucatan Express

    18 de January, 2024
  • Escape to Morocco

    17 de January, 2024
    How about a little getaway to Marrakech? Morocco's most vibrant and bustling city is just a short drive from Portugal,…
  • Discovering Syria

    12 de January, 2024
    To take this journey of discovery through Syria is to discover a country full of history that is reflected in…
  • Bali in freedom

    23 de December, 2023
    Bali is one of the most popular destinations in the world when it comes to traveling to Asia, and you…
  • 5 days in Afghanistan

    22 de December, 2023
    Explore one of the most enigmatic countries in the world! Afghanistan, a country that was at war for a long…
  • Explore the island of Zanzibar

    19 de December, 2023
    Come and enjoy Zanzibar in 7 days where you'll get to know its culture and traditions and have the chance…
  • Discovering Ceylon

    26 de October, 2023
    Discover Ceylon on this 10-day trip to Sri Lanka. A country with strong links to Portugal, being one of the…
  • Quirguistão in the Summer

    26 de October, 2023
    Have you ever thought about visiting Kyrgyzstan? If so, this is your chance, on an 11-day trip during the summer…
  • Discovering Cameroon

    25 de October, 2023
    Rarely has a country presented so much diversity. A wealth that is reflected in the tourist offer: Ecotourism, safari, beach,…
  • Senegal – Colonial Route and Ethnicities

    24 de October, 2023
    Embark on an adventure to discover the depths of Senegal and its different ethnic groups. On this trip, as well…