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SENEGAL – Special Discovery

Discover Senegal on an unforgettable adventure, where every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes of this African country.

From Dakar to the beaches of Saly

Start your journey in the capital, Dakar, a city full of energy, colorful markets and a rich cultural history. And from the bustling streets of the city to the golden beaches of Saly, you’ll feel the diversity and hospitality of Senegal. In Saly, you can relax on the fine sands and enjoy the warmth of the African sun.

Exploring the History of Gorée

Your next stop is Gorée Island, a historic site that offers an in-depth look into Senegal’s past. You can also explore the colonial houses, museums and the famous House of Slaves Museum, where you can learn about the history of the slave trade. The peaceful atmosphere and panoramic views make this an unforgettable visit.

Adventures in the Saloum Delta

In the Saloum Delta, you’ll board a pirogue to explore the islands and mangroves. Meanwhile, this natural paradise is a haven for wildlife, with countless species of birds and lush vegetation. In addition, navigating the calm waters offers an experience of peace and connection with nature.

Safari in Djoudj National Park

Get ready for an exciting safari adventure in Djoudj National Park. This park is one of the main bird sanctuaries in the world, where you can see flamingos, pelicans and many other species in their natural habitat. The diversity of the park’s fauna and flora offers an unmissable spectacle for nature lovers.

Immersion in Senegalese Culture

Immerse yourself in Senegalese culture with traditional lunches, where you’ll taste authentic and delicious dishes such as thieboudienne (rice with fish) and yassa (marinated chicken or fish). Live the unique experience of staying under the stars in a Saharan tent, feeling the magic of the desert and the tranquillity of the African night.

Unique Moments and Unforgettable Memories

Every day in Senegal is a new opportunity to create extraordinary memories. From wildlife encounters to authentic cultural experiences, you’ll feel immersed in a world of discovery and adventure.

Plan Your Trip to Senegal

Don’t miss the chance to explore Senegal and experience a trip full of unique moments. Book your adventure now and get ready for an experience that will stay with you forever. Discover the beauty, culture and nature of Senegal and turn your travel dreams into reality! 🌍✨🏝️🦩

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