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Explore Angola

Angola is a vast country and one of the most complete in Africa.

Tourism is still not a very present reality and Triskelion Expeditions wants to show you how enriching this trip is and how important it is to break down limiting beliefs!

Embark on this journey that focuses on Luanda, Malange and Benguela.

Let yourself go and enjoy the wonderful scenery along the way! Dive into the warm, transparent waters of Caboledo and Caotinha.

Spot some wildlife in Benguela and visit the second largest waterfalls in Africa – the Kalandula Falls, also formerly known as the Duke of Bragança Falls.

Together with our leader Raquel Oliveira, we challenge you to embark on this adventure!

Can we counting on you?


10 Days

30 January, 2024

4 people



Moments of Travel
What is included
What is not included
Visit to the Moon Viewpoint


Visit to Caboledo


Mini Safari


Benguela city tour


Visit to the Binga Waterfalls


Visit to Kalandula Falls


Visit to the Black Rocks of Pungo Andongo


Visit to the rapids of the Kwanza River


Tour to Mussulo


Luanda city tour


Tour Mercado do artesanato




All accommodations with breakfast


5 dinners


All transfers


Sightseeing tours identified in the itinerary


1.5lt of water a day


Tour Leader accompaniment throughout the trip


Classic Plus Travel Insurance


Traveller medical appointment


Flights (We will help you buy them if you wish)


Meals not mentioned and drinks with meals


Personal expenses and tips


What is not mentioned in included


Other unspecified fees


Basic travel insurance upgrade



Day 1


You'll arrive early in the morning. You'll feel the heat on your face when you get off the plane and we'll be waiting for you at the airport door! You'll start your adventure as soon as you set foot on Angolan territory and we'll move on to one of the places that will stick in your memory - Caboledo! We'll spend the day resting from the trip, on the beach, in the pool and walking around. We'll have a group dinner where we can get to know each other better!

Day 2

Towards Benguela

It will be a long day's journey. There will be many stops to photograph various points, for example in Porto Amboim or Sumbe. Lunch will be on the way, calmly... maybe a little grilled fresh fish? Or we wait to arrive at our destination with some snacks and enjoy a bigger feast on arrival! Benguela will welcome us and that day, in the middle of a desert landscape, you can cool off in the pool! In the evening, after dinner, a nice cup of tea with a chat by the fire, what do you think?

Day 3


On this day we'll take it easy and relax on this huge farm. We're going on a tour where we'll be able to spot ostriches, giraffes, various antelopes, monkeys and baboons, among other species! The swimming pool will always be available and there will be other activities. In the evening, around the campfire, we'll hear some "band" stories that someone local will tell us!

Day 4

Rio Wiri Farm

After a beautiful walk through the city of Benguela and perhaps a swim in Caotinha, we'll start to head north and visit Fazenda Rio Wiri! This is where we'll spend the night!

Day 5

Binga Waterfalls - Caboledo

We'll wake up early and after breakfast, we'll visit the beautiful Binga waterfalls and hot springs! After all the fun, we continue north where we will watch the sunset on the beach in Caboledo, where we will spend the night.

Day 6

Malange Pedras Negras

We'll leave Caboledo early and head for one of Angola's most iconic places - the Black Stones of Pungo Andongo. The mystique of this place will bring you a mixture of sensations and it will be a moment of great connection with nature. We'll head to the place where we're going to sleep. We'll have a delicious dinner and then rest up so we're ready for the next day!

Day 7


Today is the day to visit the city of Malange and the rapids of the Kwanza River. An experience not to be missed, full of adventure! This day's lunch should be a picnic, but then we'll make up for it with a super complete and tasty dinner! During the day, we may also have the opportunity to visit an old factory from the colonial era and take a stroll in the surrounding area! At the end of dinner, we'll have another fireside chat to share experiences about who we are, the trip and future plans!

Day 8

Kalandula Falls

Early in the morning, we'll have breakfast and set off to visit the majestic Kalandula Falls! They are the safest falls in Africa and are undoubtedly a milestone for Angola and Africa! You won't be indifferent to its grandeur and size and if the weather helps, we'll try to get down to its base! It will be a memorable experience! On the same day, we'll head to Luanda, where we'll spend the night and rest up from all the adrenaline of the day!

Day 9


On this rest day, we'll try to visit Mussulo. Weather permitting, the crossing will be by boat and we'll spend a few hours on this peninsula! We'll spend the afternoon at the craft market, where you can buy some souvenirs and support the community!

Day 10


Last day, but we still have time for a stroll around the city! The group will decide on the activities, but we could visit the São Miguel Fortress, the Coin Museum, stroll around Luanda Island and the Marginal! It's time to say goodbye to this magnificent country and start thinking about our next trip!

Frequent Questions

What kind of accommodation am I staying in on this trip?

Accommodation on this trip is standard, and we will sleep in hotels

We use twin or double rooms (on request).

If you want a single room, you will have to pay a supplement.

Does Triskelion Expeditions handle the flights?

Yes, although we don’t include the cost of flights in the trip, we can also take care of them if you wish. All you have to do is tell us when you book.

We send you a quote with the price of the flights at the time and then you decide whether to buy with Triskelion, on your own or with another agency.

Are arrival and departure transfers included?

That’s right, transfers are included in the price of the trip.

There is one flight on the trip that is recommended for the group to arrive at the same time, so transfers are available according to the arrival time of this flight. If you opt for flights with a different arrival time, these are no longer included (in which case there is no refund of the transfer fee).

Where do I meet the leader?

The meeting with the leader takes place at the destination airport.

If I enrol alone, do I have to pay an individual supplement?

It is not compulsory, as we will group together those who sign up for a double room with a twin bed (where possible), by sex and order of registration, travellers who sign up for the trip alone. If the number of travellers is odd, the participant who is left alone will have to pay the respective single supplement.

If you want to stay in a single room, then you will have to pay the single supplement.

What documentation do I need to make this journey?

For this trip you will need to carry a passport valid for at least six months after the date of departure from the country.

The visa is already included in the cost of the trip.

Can I arrive before and leave after the group?

Yes, if you want to arrive in Luanda before the group and leave after the end of the group trip, you can.

In that case, if you wish, we can book the accommodation for you, or you can choose to buy it without Triskelion Expeditions.

How are meals not included?

Meals that are not included can be taken as a group, in places recommended by the leader or local guides, or you can prefer to eat somewhere else that suits you better, with other people or on your own.

How can I pay for this trip?

A minimum payment of 35 per cent of the cost of the trip is required to confirm the booking.

The remaining amount must be paid at least 45 days before the start date of the trip.

The remaining value of the trip can be paid in instalments up to 45 days before the beginning of the trip.

There is no refund of the amount paid at the time of booking, after confirmation of the trip.

Can I cancel the trip?

You can cancel your trip up until the day we confirm it by email.

If you want to cancel the trip after it has been confirmed, you will incur costs that we have already paid for services to be used on the trip.

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