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Triskelion Forest


We created our forest with the help of the Triskelion community. For every traveller who travels with Triskelion Expeditions, we plant 1 tree to help reforest our planet and help minimise the footprint we leave with every trip we take, and so we continue to grow the Triskelion forest.

In this way we can help in the reforestation of our planet, thus creating a better world for future generations.

We are a sustainable company and it would be unthinkable not to try to do something to help our planet, which needs our help more and more.

As you know, our group trips are organised mostly with a trip leader! We also planted trees for our leader! That way, we continue to help our planet more and more!


Click on the button below and visit our forest where you can see how many trees we have planted with Triskelion Expeditions, the impact we have helped to minimise by planting trees, the places in the world where we have planted trees and also which species of trees we have planted in our quest to help the planet.

Visit our Forest


Agora já sabes, ao viajares com Triskelion Expeditions, não estás só a ajudar os países aos quais viajas, mas também estás a ajudar o planeta reflorestando-o com 1 árvore por cada viagem que faças connosco.

If it is of your interest you can also plant trees yourself, thus helping even more in this mission to improve our planet.

If each of us does our part, it will be easier for us to make the future of the planet brighter.

We count on you in this mission to grow the Triskelion forest