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Triskelion Expeditions World

What do you find in Triskelion World?

In Triskelion world you find all information about our travel agency Triskelion Expeditions.

You will be able to get to know the 3 divisions of the company and explore their different types of trips.
You will learn that Triskelion Expeditions is divided into three sections, to make it easier for you to find your trips:

The Triskelion Adventures, here you will discover the best group trips and our trip leaders.

Triskelion Packages, where you will find all kinds of trips so you can have the dream vacation, but also a perfect weekend or just a short tour in some country you have been wanting to know for a long time.

Triskelion Stays, and this is where you can discover the vacation home you were looking for for your next vacation or weekend.

In addition to discovering our whole world of travel, we also let you know who Triskelion Expeditions travel agency is and how we practice sustainable tourism and social action.

At Triskelion we not only sell trips, but we also help those who need it most and our planet, and in this sense we act both in the area of reforestation of the planet, and in the area of social action, contributing with our trips by donating an amount for each traveler to each of these causes.

So, you know, explore this page and find out more about Triskelion Expexitions.

Who is Triskelion Expeditions

Get to know a little more about our company

Social and Environmental Causes

As Triskelion Expeditions is a sustainable travel agency that supports social causes, we invite you to learn a little more about the causes we support through the trips we take.

Triskelion Forest

We are a sustainable company and it would be unthinkable not to try to do something to help our planet, which needs our help more and more.


Find out about all the sustainable and social action programs and causes we support at Triskelion with our trips.

Triskelion Expeditions trips

You get to know the three divisions of Triskelion Expeditions, and learn about all the trips and opportunities we have to offer in each of them.

Triskelion Adventures

Group travel and travel leader

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Triskelion Packages

Amazing Travel Packages

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Triskelion Stays

A huge variety of vacation accommodations

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