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We travel in groups, with travel leaders, abroad and in Portugal.

At Triskelion Expeditions, we focus on travel experiences. Discover the local communities and how the inhabitants of each destination live.

We strongly believe in sustainable tourism and social causes, so when you travel with us you will be supporting these two causes.

Bus Travel

Come get out of your routine and participate in our sightseeing bus tours. In this way you can make new friends while getting to know new places.

Group Travel
New Year's Eve in Morocco

New Year's Eve in the desert at Berber Camp

December 28th to January 4th 2023

All journeys are beautiful, even the ones you take on the streets of your neighborhood. The charm will depend on your state of mind.
(Ribeiro Couto)

Group Travel

November 20 to December 01, 2022
Go see the world. Live, it is more fantastic than through any screen.

Triskelion Expeditions World

Triskelion Forest

We are a sustainable company and it would be unthinkable not to try to do something to help our planet, which needs our help more and more.

Sponsor a child

The real problems of rural communities in Ecuador require real, concrete action.

The purpose of life is to live it, to experience it to the fullest, to grasp greedily and fearlessly for richer and newer experiences.
(Eleanor Roosevelt)