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Private group trips

Small groups

Group and private trips. This means that only Triskelion Expeditions travellers will be there.

These group trips will not be led by a Triskelion Expeditions leader, but will be guided by our local partners in each country. These partners are certified and professional, and are fully trusted by the Triskelion Expeditions travel agency, carrying out our group trips in the same way as they would be carried out by Triskelion Expeditions.

These group trips have been created in a partnership involving the Triskelion Expeditions travel agency and its local partners, so that we can create unique and exciting trips.

We’ve created these trips because we have full confidence in the local partners we’ve chosen and this way we can have more dates available.

In this section of our website, we have available trips to various parts of the world, but especially focussed on the African and Asian continents, as well as the Middle East, South America and Central America.

Our private group trips are in English, Spanish or Portuguese, depending on the trip.


Senegal and Gambia

Several exits

15 Days
Viagem aos Desertos de Marrocos

5 Days to the desert

Several exits

5 Days
Fim de ano no deserto

Discovering Morocco

Several exits

9 Days
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