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Ano: 2024

  • OMAN – The Sultan’s Land

    15 de May, 2024
    Discover Oman on an unforgettable adventure! 🏜️ From the majestic fortresses to the breathtaking desert landscapes of the Wahiba Sands,…
  • EGYPT – Sun and Sea

    15 de May, 2024
    Discover the charm of Egypt on a 7-night journey! 🌟 From Aswan to Hurghada, immerse yourself in the history of…
  • GREECE – Special Highlights

    14 de May, 2024
    Discover ancient Greece on a 9-day trip! 🏛️ From Athens to the majestic mountains of Meteora, delve into history in…
  • Angola’s First Climbing Festival

    31 de March, 2024
    Do you enjoy adventure? Do you enjoy climbing? Then this trip is just for you! Angola's First Climbing Festival will…
  • Senegal and Gambia

    20 de March, 2024
    Discover the hidden beauty of Senegal and Gambia on a unique adventure! Explora ilhas históricas, lagos cor-de-rosa e aldeias autênticas.…
  • GEORGIA – Special Discovery

    20 de March, 2024
    Discover lush Georgia with an incredible trip! From historic fortresses to breathtaking mountain landscapes, immerse yourself in this country's unique…
  • 5 Days to the desert

    18 de March, 2024
    Adventure yourself on this 5-day private group trip that starts in Marrakech and heads to the Merzouga desert. It's going…
  • Armenia – Special Discovery

    18 de March, 2024
    Discover the wonders of Armenia on a 7-day trip full of adventure and culture! Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes,…
  • Dubai – The special discovery

    18 de March, 2024
    A truly captivating destination that combines the charm of the Orient with contemporary luxury! Embark on this 4-night, 5-day journey…
  • Mexico-Day of the Dead Special

    23 de February, 2024
    Mexico is a country of many contrasts, but it is in its cultural aspect that the advantages of these disparities…